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  • Kevin L. Cherry

Manage your vantage point 2

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

View from the second chariot

Genesis 41:43...he had him ride in the second chariot as his second in command. This life process of Joseph gives us the narrative that our vantage point from the second chariot can be one filled with great responsibility and opportunities that change the course of our lives and the ones we are chosen to lead as we navigate through terrains that are unfamiliar. Great leaders I believe are morphed out of adverse situations which causes their God given abilities to be displayed before those who need direction when tragedy or crisis happen. Joseph who overcame some of the greatest challenges didn’t allow them to defeat him but they were the weights that built his faith muscles and developed his leadership skills and promoted him not due to his education, or ethnicity, nor even nepotism. He was promoted because he learned to manage his vantage point.

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